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CHARACTER NAME: Eleanor Masiello

Backtagging: 310% welcome, please backtag me into infinity
Threadhopping: generally yes! I'll probably mark the thread if I don't want threadhopping in it, but for the most part I'll roll with whatever.
Fourthwalling: N/A
Offensive subjects: nothing really; I'll tell you if anything comes up

Hugging this character: do it--you'll probably get an awkward pat on the back.
Kissing this character: if you'd like--she'll probably recoil and freak out a little bit, but you're more than welcome
Flirting with this character: go for it--she's a bit awkward but she'll probably try to flirt back anyway
Fighting with this character: she's not a fighter, physically or otherwise, but you're more than welcome to
Injuring this character: do it--she can get vicious and her instincts might kick in, and I am more than happy to deal with these consequences
Killing this character: after asking! I just need to know it might come up so I can plan around it, but I have zero problems with killing her off.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: you're more than welcome to--she's not got any particular (in)vulnerability to it and won't notice unless you tell her. let me know if you need cues in narration!

Warnings: Eleanor is a vampire. This means subjects of violence and gore might come up in her narration (she's unlikely to talk about them openly if she doesn't know you). Let me know if you need me to avoid describing blood and biting!

Speaking of vampirism: Eleanor can and will get hungry and want to hunt eventually. She doesn't like hunting but she will do it to survive. If this ever comes up it'll be in a post of its own and/or with warnings attached so people can know the dangers coming with her. No biting will happen without player permission but she might try!

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